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Universal Wealth Of Nations

Universal Wealth Of Nations brings decentralized global commerce and local economies together

.  .  in a totally new economic alliance of local communities!

UWON  .  .  is re-organizing global commerce, so that economic growth is universally shared equitably across the world's local economies

.  .  starting in the grassroots, it directly stimulates productivity in the world's local economies  .  .  shifting power back to local Main Street and communities

.  .  where everyone lives  .  .  where the cost of living and debt continues to rise!



Universal Wealth Of Nations is a game-changing real world economic platform that's re-organising global commerce and trade.

Universal Wealth Of Nations is a decentralized collaboration of local economies that challenges everything before it  -  with a totally new economic alliance of local communities  -  to fight the "cost of living".

The real economy, where we all live, has never truly merged with the digital economy  -  sure it's allowed big players to dominate markets with monopolies funded by Wall Street  -  but it's been at the expense of local Main Street economies and communities.

Universal Wealth Of Nations challenges that status-quo by giving back control to Main Street and local communities  -  giving local businesses the competitive advantage with fully monetized inventories through a network of global market makers  -  guaranteeing full selling prices for sellers and low affordable prices for buyers  -  keeping money in local communities.

To find out how Universal Wealth Of Nation works, we first need to go back to the origin of commerce and trade  -  even before physical money was invented by kings and later taken over by bankers, who even back then controlled the cost of money and ultimately the cost of living  -  back then, bartering was used to exchange product for product between two parties  -  with each party and market determining the economic value of the products they traded.

But bartering was difficult especially trading beyond local economies  -  the economic value of products was often hard to match across economies  -  but the basics still applied  -  each product, even service, had an economic value that sellers expected in return for a trade.

Those imbalances still happen today at a national level with sovereign fiat currencies being traded and manipulated daily to gain an economic advantage for trading with other nations  -  regardless if it causes local economies in the other nations to slow down  -  hurting local communities with the debasement of currencies and increased cost of living.

Universal Wealth Of Nations set out to solve that age old problem!

Universal Wealth Of Nations is revolutionizing global commerce and trade by bringing Cloudfunding to local economies around the world  -  Cloudfunding is the missing economic infrastructure that fills the void left open since day one of the internet  -  it taps the economic value in products and services from local economies and embeds it directly into the global digital economy  -  avoiding third party incumbents manipulating currency values to gain advantages over weaker economies.

The economic value is the foundational value of a local economy's economic wealth  -  it's a commodity based utility that's always been owned by buyers and sellers but now that local economic value can be controlled by communities to generate local productivity  -  it's universal and neutral, with a stable capital value tied to the IMF's SDR currency unit  -  secured on a universal RingLink ledger that can't be devalued  -  indelibly tied to the global gross domestic product ( GDP ) through the connection with all the world's local economies  -  it's ubiquitous and flows seamlessly from economy to economy linking freely with national currencies and local values  -  to give local communities control over their productivity.

So how does Universal Wealth Of Nations and Cloudfunding work?

Every economy has idle capacity, it's the volumes of seller inventories in local economies that sits idle waiting for buyers  -  we see it every day sitting in shops and warehouses waiting for demand to shift products and services from the seller to the buyer  -  and when demand slows down there's a build up of inventories sitting around forcing sellers to discount  -  costing vital profits for sellers and taxes for nations.

Universal Wealth Of Nations and Cloudfunding solves this instability by gamifying the global digital economy  -  by fractionalizing the economic value of local products and services  -  it gives the global network of market makers the fractionalized economic value of local economies to use as free working capital to strategize with to fully monetize more local products and services.

The world now has a decentralized workforce that can change global commerce and local economies forever by working individually or in teams with simple strategies that can perpetually generate real sales in local economies, in the real economy  -  providing new income streams for individuals around the world with cross border earnings  -  while solving the lack of global productivity caused by the old legacy systems controlling the cost of money.

Cloudfunding reverse-engineers the status quo that's used credit and debt as the intermediary tool to generate productivity  -  instead, Cloudfunding uses existing "idle" productivity as the leading catalyst to generate more productivity and more economic value  -  in an infinite loop throughout the global local economies  -  avoiding adding to the increasingly inflated global debt  -  making it a paradigm shift in the dynamics of global commerce and trade.

Cloudfunding changes the economic and financial landscape  -  instead of national currencies and incumbents causing slow and costly friction between buyers and sellers trading across economies and borders  -  Cloudfunding has the mechanics for sellers to always get their full selling prices, no matter where they operate in the world  -  while buyers have the chance to buy with cascading buying prices  -  all without it affecting the seller's full selling prices  -  it makes things more affordable, increases savings while inflation-proofing local economies and reducing debt  -  it changes the narrative that there must be parity between supply and demand prices  -  it's true price discovery!

Local economies can come to life as free open market economic zones  -  where a new type of global market offers stakeholders the way to claim local economies and open up new ways to directly stimulate local productivity  -  where anyone from anywhere can direct free foreign capital into local economies  -  changing the dynamics of commerce and trade  -  and changing the flow of the utility value of all economies to move freely from economy to economy along the new economic highways of the world.

Currencies are man-made whereas economic value is market-made

Even though cash has universally been considered the most liquid asset because of its quick and easy conversion into other assets  -  its digital value is rarely converted into physical cash  -  and now, more than ever, sovereign currencies with their central ideology in controlling the cost of money and economies, is reflected in the debasement of sovereign currencies and increased cost of living.

With Cloudfunding and its decentralized infrastructure, the economic value in local economies is a traceable intrinsic value backed by local commodities  -  it brings bartering, the original concept of trading to life in the modern digital age  -  where commerce's mechanics are now controlled globally by decentralized networks of local communities  -  all fighting the cost of living with their local economic value acting as digital cash moving securely between parties, without fees, just like physical cash.

Together, Universal Wealth Of Nations and Cloudfunding provides the platform for individual users and groups in local economies around the world to operate on a level playing field  -  buying and selling in game-changing markets  -  bringing control back into the hands of local communities that can now collaborate together to stimulate local productivity  -  gaining the benefits as economic equity stakeholders who can now share in the Universal Wealth Of Nations.

Decom - Decentralized Commerce

" Now,  local economic value is universally issued, owned and governed by the people,  for the people             

                                                         .  .  to fully monetize productivity across global commerce and trade! "
Cloudfunding takes modern commerce back to the original concept of exchanging the 'economic value of things'

.  .  like trading the 'economic value' of some eggs for a loaf of bread, or a cow for some sheep  .  .  but do it on a global scale!

Now, the flow of 'economic value' can move seamlessly across borders, stimulating productivity in an effervescent sea of activity

.  .  giving those kept from global markets, a way to help monetize and share in economic growth flowing through all local economies!
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