DeCom Subliminal Interactive Advertising                                       .  .  brings a decentralized and democratic economic platform to the real economy!

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  About Us

For us there has been only one single focus from the beginning, and that was to build out an online digital global economy to help solve the worlds inequality issues using technology.

Regardless of how technology progresses with the likes of automation and AI, it will always be limited by the cost factor  -  the economics in Supply and Demand will always be where decisions all happen.

Part of that focus is to index the true values in the Supply and Demand of products and services at the local level, and scaling it globally,

By merging Commerce and Technology  .  .  ComTechX is building out a scalable Digital Economy in a Global Chamber of Economies  -  along with the world's largest global consensus.

How?                    .  .  by building Cloudfunding with the Global Crowd!

Cloudfunding is a protocol that allows true economic value to be collected, collateralized, validated and freely distributed as a ubiquitous flow of economic value, moving permissionlessly between economies and users, who individually join a global consensus in governing the value and velocity of productivity across global economies  -  just as communication and information move along protocols on top of the internet with TCP/IP and HTTP.

Cloudfunding solves the Digital Economy's missing economic infrastructure value

Cloudfunding ( Cloudalism ) is an autonomous cloud-based ecosystem platform that commodifies and validates the dynamics of Digital Advertising into an economic value  -  paid Digital Advertising has proven to have a commercial value as a revenue source and a stream of gold for the early players of the Internet.

Cloudfunding reverses the role played out in paid advertising, and instead of a Seller paying for the exposure of products or services  -  that display action is commodified and released for free to global users to collect as free working capital  -  this working capital is then validated as an international unit of exchange when the global aggregate demand payments are redirected back to validate the working capital used in the monetizing process  -  which directly guarantees sales of products and services at the full selling prices for the Sellers, free of costs.

Cloudfunding disrupts Commerce's marketing dynamics by exponentially and perpetually commodifying the digital advertising's mechanics on a global scale, using algorithmic fractional economics  -  this new digital asset class value is reverse-engineered as a friction-free neutral trading unit of account that's distributed globally and ubiquitously, and seamlessly tracked internationally as free working capital  -  and appropriately termed as Free Economic Value  -  it solves the conundrum of the missing economic infrastructure value backing the Digital Economy.

The 4th Industrial Revolution now has its own autonomous, debt free and ubiquitous river of gold that's freely distributed to the global crowd  -  it will democratically generate a sustainable economic value governed by true productivity to help drive the world's economic growth in the 21st Century  -  it ensures the promise of the world wide web is delivered  .  .  that everyone be included in the Digital Age.

Cloudfunding and the Platform's mechanics centre around the User portfolios that are structured to be the beneficiaries of the surplus growth value constantly gained from the exchange of global productivity  -  the UDI - Universally Distributed Income (
UDI ) Portfolios absorb the increased value from across the locations and economies, which then allows the increased value to be spread and spent on perpetuating the local and global economies.

" Cloudfunding does for modern economies in tokenizing the local economic value                                 

                                        .  .  as what the invent of coinage did for commerce and trade in ancient times! "
Decom - Decentralized Commerce
" Now,  local economic value is universally issued, owned and governed by the people,  for the people             

                                                         .  .  to fully monetize productivity across global commerce and trade! "
Cloudfunding takes modern commerce back to the original concept of exchanging the 'economic value of things'

.  .  like trading the 'economic value' of some eggs for a loaf of bread, or a cow for some sheep  .  .  but do it on a global scale!

Now, the flow of 'economic value' can move seamlessly across borders, stimulating productivity in an effervescent sea of activity

.  .  giving those kept from global markets, a way to help monetize and share in economic growth flowing through all local economies!
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