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Every location around the world has some level of commercial activity whether it's an event or business activity.

This activity is generally termed as productivity and each location is recognized as a place or within a place where commercial activity has been recorded, places like where there're retail hubs or manufacturing plants  -  local productivity is generated and released for local Buyers to take advantage of via the overall Localization of local manufacturing and retailing.

Your UDI Portfolio shows all your buys and liquidations of local economic equity token ownership across multiple local economies  -  its dynamics differ to sharemarkets by having a linear trajectory, as well as users can only buy and liquidate Location Tokens and not trade with them  -  see more on DeLEconomic Markets.

The gains can be withdrawn to spend and send at any time while leaving the initial Location Token buy to continue gaining from that location's productivity.

All Users have use of Universally Distributed Income (
UDI ) Portfolios that can hold any amount of Location Tokens, they can be locations that a User is directly associated with such as where they live or they can be locations where the User identifies as having a high amount of commercial activity  -  all commercial activity that takes place globally is recorded on the Global Productivity Grid.

It means that as a commercial action is completed in a Seller's location every User who holds a quantity of that Location Token receives a share of a collected LAT ( Location Activity Tax - Universal Wealth Tax ) for each individual Token held, the more activity that a location has the more LAT is collected and distributed to each holder,

-  the quantity of Location NFTokens collected by a user represents the percentage of economic equity ownership in that location

-  the amount of value gained will exceed the original purchase price, which can be withdrawn and spent without interfering with the original purchase price

-  this unique distribution in the specific Location NFTokens is a secure way for the UDC currency to add growth to a User's holdings, which can help offset inflation.

Offline and Online worlds both have different mechanics and limitations that they need to absorb into their operating costs  -  this is where LED - Local Economic Distribution Hubs are designed to merge Offline and Online worlds into seamless O2O Commerce.

Direct Market

Every User can get involved in the productivity side that can influence trade by being an OMM - Open Market Maker, OMM's are market makers that passively participate in driving trade for the Sellers through to the eventual Buyers

-  as an OMM you're a business entity that doesn't handle any stock or deal with any customers, it's the simple process of using Cloudfunds that are earned for free, then using them to set strategies, and add a bid or be eliminated when it's needed, winning deals earn a profit margin that most businesses could never achieve.

With productivity happening 24/7 it means that UDI Portfolios holding various Symbols across a number of locations will collect an equal share of the LAT over the top of the initial Buy Price value  -  at any time Users can withdraw this increased value without hindering the original purchase value or the potential for the Location NFTokens from gaining more value.

UDC is compared to 150 plus global currencies, designed specifically to not be speculative or be involved in currency trading.

Below is an example of a high-end portfolio                                                                              less

Port Summary 012
laport 005
laport 006

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