DeCom Subliminal Interactive Advertising                                       .  .  brings a decentralized and democratic economic platform to the real economy!
Global Chamber of Economies redefine how local economies work
Trade Flow
.  .  with a totally new economic alliance of local communities
Today local economies have less control in determining their local economic and social wealth, especially with the interconnectivity of today's global financial systems
-  but technology can now open new channels to totally new economic alliances of local communities, that collectively, can respond to the changing economic landscape
The world is now at the stage where the Internet has the networking capacity to have its own neutral Capital flowing ubiquitously from user to user around the world
.  .  local economies have an unlimited and legitimate source of Capital that can be tapped to flow from economy to economy along a network of economic highways
There's now sufficient technology capable of offering societies in all corners of the world an alternative to the financial system that has overran the lives of so many
.  .  it's a parallel universal economic system operating from the grassroots in local economies with means to deleverage away from debt, to counter the 'cost of living'!
.  .  it gives decentralized local communities the means to tap the 'economic value' sitting idle in local inventories and collaboratively use it to stimulate local productivity!
local economies are now tokenized!
.  .  linking 000's of local economies through economic growth
.  .  it means the digital economy now has the economic infrastructure to build out a self sustaining new economy that bridges the Offline to the Online worlds
.  .  it opens the way to an alliance of local Chamber of Economies to provide local communities with a platform to collaborate together as an economic force
Global Economic ( Inequality ) Warfare
CloudfundSMe gives sellers new cashflows to work with
SME inventories have ample 'idle capacity' to power global productivity
Sell It Forward, Now!
Sellers get maximum profitability  -  Buyers get maximum affordability

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Capital now flows along interconnecting economic highways
Economic Utility Network
.  .  controlled by users driving local productivity on a global scale
Communities can 'isolate' their local economies from global shocks
Cloudfunding Mechanics
Every Zip and Post Code can be a DAE - decentralized autonomous economy
Infinite Loop
It's well known that financial markets operate separately to the real economy  -  so why doesn't the real economy have its own separate markets?
Cloudfunding gives the real economy those markets by tapping and collateralizing its economic value  -  monetizing local productivity into new capital flows
.  .  it reinvents the old Gold Standard with a neutral international unit of account  -  governed and tied to intrinsic local assets with globally tracked values
.  .  it gives local SMEs a unique role in a decentralized global network  -  making SMEs 'custodians' of genuine economic value stored in local economies
.  .  where new capital can flow to decentralized local economic markets  -  flowing across borders as a direct economic stimulus between local economies
"As Providence has so ordered it, that not only different Countries, but even different Parts of the same Country, have their peculiar
most suitable Productions; and like wise that different Men have Genius's adapted to Variety of different Arts and Manufacturers,
Therefore Commerce, or the Exchange of one Commodity or Manufacture for another, is highly convenient and beneficial to Mankind."
          Benjamin Franklin  
" . . Faced by failure of credit they have proposed only the lending of more money. Stripped of the lure of profit by which to induce our
people to follow their false leadership, they have resorted to exhortations, pleading tearfully for restored confidence. They know only
the rules of self-seekers. They have no vision, and when there is no vision the people perish.

The money changers have fled from their high seats in the temple of civilization. We may now restore that temple of the ancient truths.
The measure of the restoration lies in the extent to which we apply social values more noble than mere monetary profit.

Happiness lies not in the mere possession of money; it lies in the joy of achievement, in the thrill of creative effort. . . "
          Franklin D. Roosevelt     Inaugural Address
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Cloudfunding is DeCom
" Cloudfunding does for modern economies in tokenizing the local economic value                                 

                                        .  .  as what the invent of coinage did for commerce and trade in ancient times! "
" Now,  local economic value is universally issued, owned and governed by the people,  for the people             

                                                         .  .  to fully monetize productivity across global commerce and trade! "
Cloudfunding takes modern commerce back to the original concept of exchanging 'the economic value of things'

.  .  like trading 'the economic value' of some eggs for a loaf of bread, or a cow for some sheep  .  .  but do it on a global scale!

Now, the flow of 'economic value' can move seamlessly across borders, stimulating productivity in an effervescent sea of activity

.  .  giving those kept from global markets, a way to help monetize and share in economic growth flowing through all local economies!
Decentralized Commerce
How it works
Local SME inventories hold unlimited collateral, more than enough to back local economic growth, world wide!

The banking system has ignored SMEs and their inventory's local economic value, for its true value!

.  .  that local economic value is now being tapped as collateral to back global productivity!

.  .  it's the real economy's universally backed productivity, controlled by local communities!

Local SMEs are now funded directly with grants by global communities to help build their business!
Cloudfunding makes it so simple for sellers to use
with   No Fees
   No Commissions
   No Advertising costs
   No Contracts
   No Currency Spreads
   No more Market Places taking profits
   No more Payment Provider charges
Just a simple process using a mobile to add a photo, full selling price and description!
Are you an accommodation provider, restaurateur or event promoter?
Booking Demand
.  .  and tired of OTAs and Marketplaces taking your profits?
Main Street SMEs can now take back control, so profits stay local!
Price Demand    Price Demand    Price Demand    QwickLid
SMEs can now go direct to consumers (D2C) with Cloudfunding!
Gold Rush
"There's Gold in them there Streets (hills)"

.  .  more wealth was made in Main Street, than in the hills!
Cloudfunding is a productivity-based ecosystem that's constantly governed by real-time productivity
For nearly fifty years national fiat currencies have been devoid of any type of asset-backed economic value!
Communities can now align their local economy's currency with their own local productivity, on a global scale!
Decentralized local economies can now use their local seller's economic value to reset their own economies!
Commerce's Supply and Demand sides of the market are separated, building out new dynamics that incentivize both sides, simultaneously.
The Supply side gains full selling prices, while the Demand side gains from real time price discovery, by buying as prices cascade down.

Cloudfunding's economic infrastructure platform sits above traditional marketplaces, operating more like a global country with no borders
to restrict capital flows, like countries do with their sovereign currencies trying to gain an economic advantage over other nations in trade.

The infrastructure tracks the economic value moving in and between local economies, and across borders, using a neutral universal unit of
account to provide a transparent view of the ubiquitous flow of capital that can now be directed by global users and stakeholders to help
local economies gain control of surpluses and deficits in the real time balance of payments between their economies.
Claim Your Local Economy!
Your Location.ChamberOfEconomies.Online
Every Zip Code and Post Code representing a town, city and region in a state and country around the world has a local economy
that allows commerce to work between sellers and buyers  -  local economies come in all sizes but the dynamics all work the same.

Decentralized local economies give control to local communities!

As more local economies get established, the greater the interconnection between local and foreign economies, forming a true
global consensus in generating productivity via a democratic flow of capital moving from foreign economies into a seller's economy.

Size of local economies is often been seen as 'the bigger the better', but that changes with Cloudfunding's dynamics, where economic
capital is directed into any size local economy to stimulate demand for local products and services equally across all size towns and cities.

Local communities, both businesses and consumers, can be proactive by helping to stimulate productivity in their local economy and other
economies as Open Market Makers ( miners ), sharing in the benefits as economic equity stakeholders, when capital flows into economies.

Claim a Zip or Post Code for naming rights to a local economy
Be first to claim your local economy!

Any local Seller can be the first business or group of local businesses to claim their local economy and list their local region onto
the Decentralized Local Economic Market Index, as part of the Global Chamber Of Economies.
Expression of interest are open for SMEs and business groups to list their local economy in the Global Chamber Of Economies!
    Want to know about FOMEZ? Know More  
-  SMEs, seller groups, shopping precincts and co-ops etc can all take advantage of the Queen Bee loyalty program.
buyers who can join together in buyer co-ops, families or individuals  -  everyone can benefit from cascading buying prices
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Local SMEs have the economic value to drive global productivity

.  .  expand
Users can be pro-active in economies and gain from linear growth
Economic Linear Growth
universally distributed incomes share the growth of local economies
.  .  pro-active local economies are more important now than ever
Cloudfunding shifts from the feudal centrally controlled financial system to open economies of decentralized users
DOME - Global Chamber of Economies
.  .  new capital flows freely between supply & demand
Unlike credit that's borrowed at a cost from financial systems  -  this new capital flow is initially free before it's governed and validated by real global aggregate demand
The volume of the economic value sitting in inventory is 'idle capacity' waiting to be sold, and it's huge  -  it's far greater than the volume of credit that it could create
The economic value is distributed in micro-values using a free App that collects the free economic value so it can be used as working capital, before it's validated as UDC
Every SME has inventory ready to sell but its regarded as risky collateral by finance lenders  -  now SMEs can fully monetize it for free and turn it into new cash flows
.  .  moving along supply chains as universally distributed capital
Producers / Growers / Entrepreneurs                           Manufacturers / Producers                                          Retailers / Dealers                
Producers            Manufacturers            Retailers
Global Productivity fully backs the international unit of account
Sellers and Buyers can now deleverage away from debt finance  -  with decentralized local economic markets directly stimulating profitability and affordability
Sellers have Automated Selling  -  Buyers have Price Demand
Cloudfunding has the infinite trading loop between supply and demand with sellers guaranteed their full selling prices, and buyers buy as prices cascade down
Compare - Activate - Buy
Mobile Buys     Shopping
Localization has taken a back seat to Globalization for too long!
Now local SMEs can access new capital flows to gain a competitive advantage against the '800lb gorillas' that have taken advantage of Globalization
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SMEs shouldn't need to continually discount to stay in business
It's now about new economics and incentivized supply chains in . .
New Rails of Trade
Cloudfunding challenges the status quo by tapping local inventories
The old economy has relied on centrally controlled money creation  -  making the world pay to use financial products that've become disconnected with the real local economies
The new economy is a paradigm shift that begins by freely distributing a genuine economic value to global users  -  a neutral universal value indelibly tied to local Productivity
Main Street businesses, which are mostly SMEs have inventory sitting waiting to be sold  -  this full priced and pre-sold inventory is the economic value Cloudfunding taps into
.  .  inventory is the products and services local economies sell between buyers and sellers where wages and incomes are generated, that's then used as consumer spending
Local Chamber of Economies are interlinked on a global economic utility network that streamlines the transfer of economic value as a neutral universal value between economies
.  .  offering local sectors like local media a new channel to access advertising revenue through a much broader ecosystem linking SMEs with audiences previously untapped
.  .  it helps to raise all boats across all local economies
Cloudfunding isn't limited to towns and cities, it's equally valuable for the rural areas, with farming being able to directly monetize produce at sustainable prices, and find markets
.  .  helps farming industries, co-ops and individuals to set floor prices ( o/h costs / profits ) to stabilize markets and still work to global prices, it brings debt free cashflows to farming
Local rural communities all have some sort of produce that can be outsourced to sell at full selling prices  -  monetized and ready to be liquidated into the local and regional centres
.  .  cashflows flow around locally by SMEs outsourcing their inventories to allow producers and supply chains to liquidate and spend locally at affordable prices, keeping SMEs viable
Local economies are all connected regardless of size  -  they can be countries, states, regions, cities, suburbs and towns, and they're all part of global productivity that can be tapped.
.  .  Subliminal Advertising sets the foundation for Cloudfunding
Cloudfunding reverses the narrative around the way Commerce gets played out Online  -  avoiding all the costs and time consuming actions just to sell something
.  .  it was all supposed to be easier to get sales, but instead there's digital advertising, marketplaces, OTAs, SEOs, influencers, payment providers etc, all taking a commission
Cloudfunding bypasses incumbents sitting between buyers and sellers and restructures Commerce so competition is stimulated within the local economy, keeping money local
.  .  Cloudfunding brings the infrastructure to local economies, to operate autonomously, to be competitive, both within a local economy, and across into other local economies
Economic Distribution Layout
.  .  local economies are just as important as national economies
Having a constant flow of free foreign capital moving into a local economy, and having the means to keep it there, is a major key to economic growth
Keeping track of value moving from country to country relies on a Balance of Payments to determine imports to exports, as well as flows of capital moving in and out of a country
.  .  by decentralizing the national Balance of Payments mechanism to operate at a local level across local economies it gives more control to local communities to drive growth.
It means that instead of the economic value ( money supply ) slowly moving out of a local economy through payments and services and banks, so reducing the available supply
there's new capital inflows from foreign economies via outsourced selling of inventories that increases the local economic value ( UDC ) in the hands of local buyers and sellers
Global Balance of Payments
Cloudfunding sits above B2B & B2C markets with e2eCommerce
Economic Ingrastructure Hierarchy
ComTechX the industry, combines Commerce and Technology, bringing together Offline and Online Commerce into the new economy with a streamlined commercial ecosystem
.  .  it operates in an autonomous infrastructure, in the way the internet was intended, with an ubiquitous universal value synchronizing all the global economies to operate as one
Economies in most countries have been separated into two separate entities, those below the line produce and add economic value, those above take from that economic value
Global Chamber of Economies find a balance by providing local economies with the voice and platform to operate independently and retain the economic wealth that is produced
Separation of Commerce from the Banking and Financial System in Cloudfunding's economic infrastructure acts similar to how the Glass-Steagall Act operated from 1933 to 1999
.  .  this was when the retail side of banking was separated from the investment side, which involved speculation on the stock markets and a main cause of the Great Depression
Local SMEs can change the status quo by outsourcing the selling of their inventory at guaranteed full selling prices to gain a competitive advantage against big box competition
Cloudfunding gives SMEs predictable cashflows so they have the confidence to invest in stock and upgrades, which lead to jobs  -  ingredients for a better local economy
                                     .  .  see how decentralizing the shareholder model increases new Capital flows to SMEs
Cloudfunding shifts Productivity to be the Leading Catalyst
Instead of creating credit to try and generate Productivity, as the financial system does  -  Cloudfunding distributes free working capital directly through Productivity
Productivity - Lead Catalyst
Non Parity
"Cloudfunding changes the dynamics in how sellers get paid  -  with a 'pay it forward' flow that guarantees sales at full selling prices!"
.  .  two separate market dynamics working simultaneously
Cloudfunding simultaneously incentivizes supply and demand in two separate markets  -  generating both highly profitable and highly affordable sales of products and services
.  .  it incentivizes users in the interconnected local economies to monetize inventory  -  setting the stage for inventory to be released to local buyers with cascading buying prices
.  .  delivering profitability and affordability
Cloudfunding is a paradigm shift from who controls the flow of money to an ecosystem that focuses on an economic infrastructure where money is only a means of exchange
.  .  it changes the Commerce dynamics by separating the supply side from the demand side  -  creating two separate open markets with each competing on level playing fields
Supply side competes to get inventory supplied and monetized, ready for buyers to buy  -  sellers compete for the attention of the global crowd to get their inventory processed
.  .  incentive for sellers is profitability, streamlining their supply means more investment and jobs  -  couple that with cascading buying prices and it's the recipe for affordability
                                     .  .  see how decentralizing the shareholder model increases new Capital flows to SMEs
.  .  time to get back to Consumer Spending via local Productivity
Whether it's coincidence or good timing, technology today has come together at a time when there's a definite financial mismatch with how economic growth can be achieved
Computer advances and the wide use of mobiles has allowed technology to see things differently to past eras  -  the past era is where the financial system now finds its self
Cloudfunding is structured around being able to move into local economies in minutes, hours and days, whereas it's taken the financial system years and decades to infiltrate
Cloudfunding takes over the banking system's mantra of 'for social good' in local economies, without being caught with legacy systems that don't relate to local economic growth
There's sufficient evidence showing technology and communication can virally expand exponentially between users Online  -  users all reside in local economies somewhere
.  .  this viral connection between users and local economies is how economies of scale can leap past the limitation and cost of legacy systems, to drive economic growth, globally
Cloudfunding has a decentralized local economic infrastructure built on a global scale
.  .  it shifts economies that rely on Credit over to Productivity driven economies
.  .  it separates the real economy from the speculative driven financial market economies
.  .  it gives local SMEs guaranteed full selling prices while being competitive with big business
.  .  it gives buyers unprecedented control over market dynamics with cascading buying prices
The future jobs will control automation with productivity
As automation looms as the biggest threat to jobs, the fact that consumers need incomes to still be able to purchase products will dominate how far automation expands
Cloudfunding's decentralized and democratic structure sets the environment for jobs of the future, in which global users will control the pace of automation and productivity
With the world's population growing and automation coming fast to most industries, the majority of jobs will need to be passive but highly productive to absorb the spill-over
The lifestyle of 15 hour work weeks envisioned decades ago has all but been lost due to the way the financial system has stagnated economies by forcing debt on societies
Cloudfunding's economic structure of separate supply and demand platforms allows automation to expand on the supply side but it's still governed by the volume of demand
.  .  on the supply side when discounting is used to find demand, economic growth falls  -  this is where cascading prices gets the demand, without the supply side discounts
Distribution Lay Out
    .  .  more
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