.  .  with Price Demand's cascading buying prices!
  Buying prices now have real time demand
Having affordable products and services is gradually disappearing for the majority of
people  -  there's a conundrum of stagnant wages while prices continue to rise.

With discounting becoming the sellers tool of choice to attract sales  -  tech comes to
the rescue with real time demand, without sellers needing to discount or take losses.

Buyers activate real time Price Demand to send buying prices cascading down until
a buyer decides the price is right  -  always leaving sellers with their full selling prices.
Sellers get their full Selling Prices  -  while Buyers pay affordable prices
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  Price Demand brings Automated Selling to Commerce  
Buying things should be as exciting as Black Friday Sales  -  Price Demand brings that excitement with cascading buying prices, every day  -  seamlessly merging Buyers and Sellers in brick & mortar stores to shopping malls in O2O Commerce, with real-time Demand.

Sellers know the problem with these types of Discount Sales is that profits are lost, all in the hope of clearing stock or getting revenue, even just customer acquisition  -  whatever the objective, with these types of sales promotions there's a compounding problem with Buyers waiting and holding back to purchase until the next sales  -  it's a liquidity trap that can drag on longer each year, until it becomes the new norm.

Sales now have Price Demand in real-time

Price Demand challenges those Supply and Demand issues in Commerce by separating the Selling Prices from the Buying Prices with technology  -  Buyers get notified via an opt-in distribution channel and benefit from buying prices that cascade down from the full Selling Prices  -  while Sellers are guaranteed full 100% Selling Prices in real-time, regardless of the Buying Prices.

How it works  
Local SME inventories hold unlimited collateral to back local economies world wide!
Cloudfunding mechanics

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Sellers have 2 Steps to Selling, one is listing inventory to Outsourced Selling, the other is releasing deals with Price Demand.

For Buyers the 2 Steps are, setting a bidding strategy with FEV to win deals early, or wait and Activate the Price Demand.

Cloudfunding brings traditional Cash Commerce back to local Main Street with Universally Decentralized Capital.

The fundamentals and economic infrastructure behind the platform

Most digital technology in Commerce and Trade has just pandered and simply digitized existing dynamics  -  Price Demand is a function of Cloudfunding  -  a cloud-based financial and economic ecosystem that sits above the Commerce level, operating as a neutral Operating System - OS maintaining the secure financial independence of all Users  -  it freely provides the mechanics for all Suppliers/Sellers to Outsourced Selling ( outsource the selling ) of their products and services on a global scale in a unique process that fully monetizes the Seller's full Selling Prices  -  it incentivizes an independent global network of market makers to be the new digital workforce that democratizes global productivity by interconnecting and sharing directly in the economic growth and wealth, equitably.

Supply is not complete without Demand, and that's where Price Demand offers the benefit for Buyers to create real-time demand by buying at the price they want to pay.

The basics of online search changes with Cloudfunding

The use of a search engine to find products and services has become a lucrative industry with paid advertising and the search engine optimizers pushing each others' ads out the way  -  at the end of the day a Seller's product or service is lost like a needle in a haystack unless a Seller pays heavily to rise higher than others, but, in the end it's only to be seen across a mass of users and not necessarily for any sales.

Cloudfunding changes that search pattern model so that it becomes a search across a minor number of genuine Buyers  -  and the Seller doesn't pay for it.

Retailing has a bright new future with Cloudfunding

Retailing in Brick and Mortar Stores, Shopping Malls and Precincts have experienced disruption with online stores due to different economics  -  Cloudfunding offers a level playing field for brick and mortar stores like Fashion Stores to compete against online global brands  -  Cloudfunding is an Online economic infrastructure that makes things happen between Buyers and Sellers trading in all levels of Commerce.

Cloudfunding optimizes the advertising dynamics in Commerce by reverse engineering the display function of advertising and validates it into a commercial value, as a neutral international trading unit of account  -  it's freely spread through global distribution channels to incentivize the global crowd with Free Economic Value that can be used as free working capital, and in doing so, achieves the financial inclusion that many people of the world have been denied.

With Sales, the world moves forward  -  too few, and economies stall

Why would a business need Price Demand?

The cost of discounting at 30% or 50% over 100 even 500 items has a massive effect on the bottom line for any size Seller  -  Price Demand saves that profit from being lost, and sells products and services perpetually and indefinitely  -  it's not limited to domestic businesses, it has enormous benefit for international businesses like hotel chains and international trade  -  Cloudfunding spans from economy to economy with a neutral international trading unit of account, interconnecting unique Free Open Market Economic Zones  -  where there're no fees, no FX spreads, no advertising costs.

It's all interconnected in the Global Chamber of Economies where real-time selling of product and service inventories is tracked in industries and locations to provide a transparent and intrinsic backing of the true value flowing in the economies  -  each interaction between Buyer and Seller is completed with a secure and neutral, incumbent free, trading unit of account in a world first P2P Universally Decentralized Capital commerce payment system.

Outsourced Selling and Price Demand  -  changes the game to fast, successful and free

Everyone knows how Outsourced Manufacturing works, well Outsourced Selling can be applied locally by any Seller along the Supply Chain where the flow in Commerce can often choke at the critical time when the Supply doesn't get the Demand it needs  -  this is the moment when Cloudfunding steps in with Outsourced Selling and Price Demand  -  even giving locally produced goods the competitive advantage by giving the local market the opportunity of finding the real-time demand for each product or service along the Supply Chains.

SODA gives Cloudfunding unprecedented economies of scale

Subliminal Organically Decentralized Advertising combines Outsourced Selling and Price Demand to bring new dynamics to Commerce  -  it brings together what the Web originally promised with a world wide information platform where people could socially connect, collect knowledge and engage in a new form of Commerce  -  it wasn't intended to be overrun by interruptive advertising that has dominated Online as the main source of revenue for feature service and content providers.

SODA removes that constant noise and targeted harassment by disrupting the digital advertising model with hidden economies of scale to distribute a neutral international trading unit of account globally, as the ubiquitous financial backing of the New Digital Economy  -  SODA directly challenges Commerce's traditional advertising dynamics by generating a perpetual demand with predictable sales.

Outsourced Selling and SODA flips the Advertising model  -  making it much bigger

Cloudfunding breaks the Paid Advertising model by reverse-engineering its dynamics and giving away the value of advertising to the online users for free, as a neutral international trading unit of account, which is essentially free working capital  -  what advertising has been on electronic mediums for several decades, is now turned around and given a more accountable role in Commerce that gives Sellers predictable sales results. for free  - with Subliminal Organically Decentralized Advertising is now able to exponentially scale, without saturating the content  -  it's where medium channels earn greater revenue via viewers genuinely engaging with content and not ads  -  while in the background on the mobile and desktop browser, SODA is constantly sharing the value from the Outsourced Selling of products and services on a global scale, in real-time, without interfering with the viewer's enjoyment time or loss of privacy through targeted marketing.

Cloudfunding is not focused on sharing in the global advertising value to an un-interested crowd  -  its focused on digitizing the interactions of the much bigger annual global trading value  .  .  to achieve a more equitable and balanced Supply and Demand.

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Price Demand
Farmer Market
Cloudfunding can fit all types of Commerce  -  even from the farm to the table

Farmers can use Outsourced Selling to tell the Traders before they come to negotiate deals, or let Buyers who come to the markets know what is available and at what price it is  -  unlike the traditional way of the Seller having products and is confronted with a market demand that dictates the Selling Price, the Farmer now has control over their Selling Price ( within Global Price Index ) that the market trades to  -  the change is with the local Buyers who compete when the deals are released with Price Demand.

Product deals can be in quantities set by the Seller or able to be set by the Buyer that can fit with local Buyers just wanting quantities for their next meals - there are many ways Price Demand provides the real market demand, it can be when Traders see the products and commit to a Buying Price as the Selling Price cascades down, still not knowing if another Trader is going to Buy before them.

In the typical trading style the Seller has the full Selling Price already set, either in his or her head, or displayed for Buyers to see  -  what Price Demand does is it allows the Buyer to choose the Buying Price they want to pay using their mobile phone, but their preferred price can be beaten by another Buyer who is present at the negotiation or even somewhere else  -  the Seller just leaves it to the Buyers to compete between themselves to create a real time demand  -  regardless of the final Buying Price the Seller still gets the full Selling Prices.

Cloudfunding operates in all flows of Commerce

Although marketing and advertising is seen as a necessary function to bring Buyers and Sellers together, it's only a function and a relatively small percentage that has typically paid for by the Sellers, compared to the overall value of products and services  -  the overall percentage value of products and services is the environment where Cloudfunding operates, repackaging all the Commerce mechanics that sell products and services along the Supply Chains, all the way from producers, manufacturers to retailers  -  Cloudfunding provides this digital innovation and commodification of the dynamics of advertising that was not possible before in trade, now it's able to be used as an asset class value to exchange global products and services, all for free  -  with the prime focus on guaranteeing Sellers getting full Selling Prices  -  and Buyers dictating behavior with Price Demand.

Effectively a Seller uploads whatever quantity of products or services they want to sell locally and Cloudfunding processes that inventory with the help of the OMMs, mostly over-nite or within hours  -  products are fully purchased at the full Selling Prices ( fully monetized ) by the market makers during the Outsourced Selling process  -  ready for Sellers to release the deals to their local Buyers with Price Demand.

The synergy that Supply and Demand achieves by having a debt free productivity flow, thanks to the Global Crowd, opens up a new distribution mechanism that shares the economic linear growth from the continual productivity across all the location hubs around the world ( FOMEZ )  -  this economic growth that's captured in real time, is distributed though the Universally Distributed Income - UDI Portfolios, to complete the Digital Economy's economic infrastructure loop.

Cloudfunding Democratizes the Enterprise Arena

The dynamics of Cloudfunding finally closes the loop in Commerce that has always been left open by unpredictable marketing and advertising  -  it reverses the outcome for Sellers where the Supply side has always needed to be a loser with discounting and advertising costs, just hoping to achieve sales  -  advertising is now able to be used for the greater good in getting predictable full selling priced sales for Sellers  -  Cloudfunding democratizes the enterprise so that it has independent control over strategy and Capital Investment, while Price Demand keeps Buyer demand in an open market environment  -  all perpetually helped by the self interest of a democratic Global Crowd that are incentivized to exponentially stimulate markets in an uninterrupted economic loop.


Price Demand

 QwickPic Ready
Digital Infrastructure Flow

Cloudfunding secures global trade exchanges with stable binary values

Cost of global trade interaction between country currencies has an enormous impact on the cost of products and services  -  Cloudfunding solves that impact by applying the Binary Numeral System, typically 0 (zero) and 1 (one), to maintain absolute stable and secure transfers of value between Buyers and Sellers operating across digital cash and local cash in exchange for products and services  -  absolute binary numbers are synonymous in digital mathematics and computers because of its secure straightforward implementation  -  Cloudfunding avoids the speculative trading that currencies and economies are prone to suffer from at the hands of incumbent traders.

Cloudfunding removes predatory finance by digitally monetizing productivity

When products and services are available by the Seller to be offered to Buyers is when Cloudfunding directly monetizes the actions  -  it's a paradigm shift away from how traditional Commercial Finance works  -  instead of traditional finance being involved with both the Buyers and Sellers in the various degrees of finance in Commerce  -  Cloudfunding directly monetizes the productivity between Buyers and Sellers with Free Economic Value in Free Open Market Economic Zones, which uses the products and services to digitally secure the value being exchanged  -  this means Cloudfunding removes incumbents usually involved in Commerce, this eliminates trading terms, fees and costs to both Buyers or Sellers  -  what Agriculture was to the Industrial Age will be what Cloudfunding will be in the Digital Age when inclusion is made available to everyone.

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Non-speculative Cloud-based Global Digital Economy

Cloudfunding is the new digital thinking of how Commerce and Technology will help to scale the New Economy  -  ComTechX as the industry, found its ideology to be similar to an almost forgotten concept proposed by the British economists John Maynard Keynes over 70 years ago at the 1944 Bretton Woods Conference  -  at a time when the world was confronted with two distinctly different directions to take for its financial and economic future  -  the direction chosen lead us to increasingly cyclical recessions and financial instability, and escalating inequality  -  now that we've seen how the direction chosen by those at the 1944 Conference has all worked out  -  this time the New Digital Economy can take the other direction proposed and design it within binary market economics with modern technology, with the people in control, so it remains neutral and inclusive  -  it needs to scale equitably and be based on factual and not fictional values  -  this time it can be digitally tracked, as what Keynes's proposal had intended, in the Global Chamber of Economies "using a neutral trading unit of account to track international flows of assets and liabilities"  -  from where it provides a transparent real-time view of where local productivity is happening, and where Direct Foreign Decentralized Capital can be targeted by a global democratic consensus  -  one that generates ubiquitous stimulus on a global scale, and prevents there from ever being a dominant control.

The New Digital Economy is binary and fully accountable

Digital technology has fostered a new dimension in spreading exposure across the world  -  ComTechX has taken that technical ability to scale globally, whilst taking advantage of the slowing and limited effect that digital advertising has in securing sales  -  to re-engineer the dynamics of both marketing and financing of Global Commerce, by tapping into this scalable and unlimited natural resource and changing the dynamics of its commercial value, which's been used as a revenue source by the Internet's early players  -  although the paid advertising business model has been repeatably cloned to support targeted marketing in content and feature services, it has proven to be a global source of commercial value for revenue  -  ComTechX reverse-engineers that commercial value and enhances its global scale, so it can be collected, distributed and validated as an absolute binary ( 0 and 1 ) internationally free asset class value to monetize large scale Commerce and Trade.

.  .  "it's used internationally as a free and neutral trading unit of account  .  .  it fully democratizes and monetizes global commerce and trade with an algorithmic game theory process ( AMD ) to achieve consistent unbiased results based on strategies set by the global crowd  .  .  using Free Economic Value - FEV in free open markets .  .  it's internationally free to earn and collect, it's free working capital, with no interest fees or costs, and it never needs to be paid back, ever!"

Track and balance flows of productivity

Free Economic Value is securely governed by productivity in marketplaces in the cloud-based Digital Economy  -  it's exchanged with UDC, the Universally Decentralized Capital currency at Points of Trust, where it's constantly compared to a basket of global currencies to maintain an aggregated value.

With the location hubs of productivity tracked in real-time in the Global Chamber of Economies, it provides the connection for the global flows of assets and liabilities to be analyzed in large data sets by global users and institutions, including international businesses, and countries  -  "needing to track and balance trade surpluses and deficits using a neutral trading unit of account"  -  it provides genuine ways for the various flows to be managed and tapped into for R&D and infrastructure projects, even used towards funding the inevitable Universally Distributed Incomes, via Free Open Market Economic Zones - FOMEZ  -  it homes in on the key economic tool used in most developed countries, Real Estate  -  the New Digital Economy reverses the way real estate is used to create the wealth effect by using Outsourced Selling and Price Demand to level the playing field to make house affordability the economic tool that anyone can use.

Cloudfunding can sell products and services exponentially faster than what can ever be produced or manufactured  -  even with robots!
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ComTechX builds the autonomous New Digital Economy

Sellers now have their own Digital Sales Division

-  SMEs now compete with Online and Big Box Stores -¬†on a level playing field

-  The 'race to the bottom' can now stop

Cloudfunding offers First Home Buyers the first steps

AS - Automated Selling bypasses traditional Advertising

-  One day turn around is here  -  'from getting stock to selling out'

All roads lead to the ultimate in Subliminal Organically Decentralized Advertising  -  SODA

QwickPic Ready logo is all that gets shown for SODA to work

-  Algorithms will now be shaped around our buying habits

-  AS - Automated Selling eliminates the unpredictability in Commerce

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