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  Afforable Living    
Affordable prices of the basic things in everyday life is a struggle for many.

It's the same in every country, with it's own economy functioning in its own way to get products and services down through the supply chains to the individual person.

Affordable living costs are vastly different from one country to another, connection between these economies is in trade using two sometimes opposing currency values for the exchange.

The Digital Era has now for the first time gathered together advanced scale technology to help overcome inequality between these economies, by decentralizing commerce.

The Cloudfunding Platform is a fully autonomous global ecosystem that synergizes all economies onto one level, where trade and value seamlessly flows across all countries.

Affordable Living is about making the basic everyday needs available at affordable low prices  -  that's now able to be achieved on a global scale, pushing true value back into local economies in the scaleable Digital Economy.

The Platform removes the incumbents that cause the friction in commerce  -  it applies a new economic model that closes gaps in commerce and jumps directly to getting sales.

It pushes back against centralized commerce like fulfillment warehouses and payment services that drain jobs and money from existing infrastructure in local economies.


  Affordable - Food QUIK-Buys  
Low buying prices are now able to be driven into cities, towns and villages where there's a need to overcome distance and inequality, which often comes from being off the mainstream grid.

Affordable low prices are able to reach the very people who are at the end of the supply chain, giving secure exchanges without being hindered by middle men dictating higher prices.
  Affordable - Health Care QUIK-Care  
  Medical care is able to spread faster with new economics which bypass the incumbents that can be holding back the basics for doctors to do their job.

The Platform provides medical groups with digital tools that can provide better economics in providing services and medicines to communities.
Doctor       Dentist
  Affordable - Education QUIK-Ed  
Education should be available to everyone, the Platform has the means to provide schools and institutions with tools to offer low school fees to students without cutting costs.

There're many costs that schools need to cover and the Platform has valuable tools where any institute looking at making education more affordable can generate their own 'commerce'
  Affordable - Energy QUIK-Zap  
There are many forms of energy and all can be listed on the Platform.

It doesn't matter if energy suppliers are not involved, the low priced deals are able to be generated by the Platform for Users to bid and buy, it means that the 'power bill' deal can be purchased at the low prices and the full price is able to be redeemed locally to pay the utility.
  Affordable - Transportation QUIK-Stay       QUIK-Time       QUIK-Ride  
  Fuel, delivery, taxis, freight transport are all needed to move people and goods.

The Platform provides industries and service providers with the commerce mechanics to sell at high margins while giving buyers low 20% buying prices.
Fuel  Delivery
  Affordable - Connecting QUIK-Buys  
  Communication is now accessible to so many people that it can change lives.

The costs to get communication is sometimes hampered by both in infrastructure cost and the cost to connect, imagine with low priced mobiles how many more people can be connected.
Mobile      Connection
  Affordable - Real Estate Real Estate  
  Rents, leases, mortgages and ownership . . . . Real Estate
  Local Manufacturers  
While ecommerce begins to cut into the revenues of offline enterprises, manufacturers and small businesses in local regions, technology can also be used to counteract those changes.

The Platform gives less tech savvy offline commerce seller access to a Sellers Exchange, it gives all sellers in the Supply Chain like local farm producers and manufacturers the means to have a Comparative Advantage against imports and dominating market traders, equipped only with a mobile.

The Platform offers sellers along the Supply Chains the means to control their product's selling prices on the Sellers Exchange ( subject to the Global Price Index ), it gives sellers control on their income when they trade.

    Afforable Living    
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    The ComTechX Platform operates in the commerce environment where it can focus on the bigger things.

There's now an inter-connected O2O - P2P global currency that advances good old everyday commerce.

Digital cash will advance global B2B and B2C trade by helping to establish New Digital Trade Routes.

Identifying global commerce in real-time and distributing the benefits is core to growth in the New Economy.

It's now sitting on the RunWay' with a disruption to commerce centered around the New Economy.

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