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  Finally Main St and Online Commerce merge
The effort of selling products and services online for brick & mortar sellers is now as
simple as selling over the counter  -  there's now a level playing field that gives Main
Street businesses far more demand and a Competitive Advantage, and it's free.

Anyone with access to a camera and has products or services to sell can simply
upload images  -  only need to add the full selling prices and specs.

With no contracts or costs to list unlimited inventory to Sell It Forward, Now!  -  it's the
ideal environment for sellers to get predictable sales with real time Price Demand.

Commerce is automated with Outsourced Selling on the supply side, which monetizes
seller inventories at the full selling prices  -  and on the demand side buyers compete
with cascading buying prices that fall as low as 20% of the full selling prices.
Outsourced Selling

.  .  from coffee growers to cafes  .  .  fruit growers to stores  .  .  milk farmers to stores  .  .  hotels to travelers   .  .  restaurants to guests  .  .  fuel suppliers to drivers



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  Sell It Forward, Now!  

Supply and Demand can have equilibrium

The changes that Sell It Forward, Now! ( Outsourced Selling ) make to the dynamics and mechanics in Commerce between Sellers and Buyers, provides an environment that creates a local trading zone with a competitive advantage and control for Sellers against external competition.

As in all economic and business cycles there's usually been a dominant player in Supply and Demand, Cloudfunding changes that dominance by giving incentives and benefits to Sellers and Buyers.

Many countries have created Free Economic Zones to generate local employment and gain foreign Capital Investment, what Cloudfunding does is it automatically generates all the positives of FEZs but then takes it to a new technical level with Outsourced Selling.

Free Economic Zones are usually associated with foreign businesses using a country's cheap Labour Market force, along with generous tax incentives to manufacturer products using local Suppliers, and then sell abroad.

Outsourced Selling  -  trumps Outsourced Manufacturing

Normally Outsourcing is linked to sending manufacturing offshore to a country or region that has lower wages and lower costs to help the bottom line for the business doing the Outsourcing  -  typically known as Globalization.

Cloudfunding expands the Free Economic Zone's attributes by focusing on all the productivity being drawn from local Suppliers and Labour Market, known as Localization  -  FOMEZ - Free Open Market Economic Zone

Cloudfunding only Outsources the Selling to the Global Crowd, it keeps everything onshore, it retains local jobs for manufacturing and all the peripheral local Suppliers and services needed as well, only the Outsourced Selling process goes offshore, incentivizing the Global Crowd into being part of a democratic digital economic engine that attracts Direct Foreign Decentralized Capital - DFDC into the location and FOMEZ.

The transition of advertising, from being a mechanism of Commerce, to its distribution as Free Economic Value, and use as free working capital tied to genuine Global Productivity, through to its validation as Universally Decentralized Capital, a neutral global digital trading currency  -  is an important key to the ongoing perpetual flow of economic growth in the New Economy.

  FEV                  Arrow            UDC  

Cloudfunding changes the mechanics of Supply and Demand to Sell at full 100% Selling Prices, not only Sellers benefiting but the key disruption is the involvement of Direct Foreign Decentralized Capital  -  DFDC, which perpetually generates global and local trade through the selling processes for B2C and B2B Commerce on the Global Open Market Trade Xchange  -  GOMTX.

With the Supply side's full Selling Price being fully paid by the DFDC through a global payment process drawn down into the Sellers location, it opens up to a change where a lower Buying Price can be offered to local Buyers as an incentive to generate demand  -  Cloudfunding brings real-time demand into all types of commerce with Price Demand as the incentive.

Where FEZs usually offset the lost taxes with local employment and more money flowing around the local economy from wages, Sell It Forward, Now! multiplies the benefits with tax revenues on higher Selling Prices and local wages generating more productivity within the local economy.

Flexible options for Suppliers

The Suppliers in a Supply Chain can instigate Outsourced Selling to generate demand and sales from any step along the Supply Chain, the process is linked to a Global Price Index that maintains equal to or higher pricing than local or global markets, the Sellers network of Buyers can be a limited network or could be expanded into new markets.

Other than greater demand being generated with the lower Buying Prices, there's also the benefit of real time payments to Sellers, there's no 30 to 90 day trading terms to hinder the productivity line.

Suppliers from any industry can use the Global Seller's Trade Xchange to list to sell and to buy from other Sellers.

Other services available is the Sellers Digital Sales Division

For any business there's always Suppliers to work with, so having a Sellers Co-Operative is a great way to combine efficiency in the supply chain

    Digital Sales Division  

Automatically flows into
Universally Distributed Income ( UDI ) Portfolios

With all commerce activity on the Platform each product and service that's processed with Sell It Forward, Now! and Buying activity  -  it's linked back through to the Universally Distributed Income ( UDI ) Portfolios from where all Users can build a collection of Location Tokens and gain a share of the Location Activity Tax collected and distributed across all the global activity in real time.

Seller Register

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Outsourced Selling

                          1.  Cloudfunds  -  Free Economic Value is earned simply by viewing QwickPics, then using it as free working capital
UDC  -  digital cash is a neutral trading currency that is constantly compared with global currency values
Outsourced Selling  -  provides the incentive to generate commercial productivity without fees or adding debt
                      4.  Global Payments  -  the exchange of value to complete borderless, ubiquitous commerce, free of all fees

Products and services are exchanged at sustainable high selling prices and low buying prices, simultaneously

Outsourced Selling
               1.  Sellers list their inventory of products and services at the full Selling Prices
Cloudfunds  -  the Free Economic Value - FEV is earned and collected simply by viewing QwickPics
The small value collected from the Seller's inventory is pooled as the Cloudfunds currency and used in bidding for items
It's free working capital that a Buyer can use to try and win deals, or use as one of the OMM business entities
Strategy is to add Cloudfunds for the majority of bids  -  UDC, the digital cash currency is added to 'stay alive' to win deals
Outsourced Selling  -  as inventory is processed with the bidding it's either won by a local Buyer or an OMM
Global Payments  -  if a local Buyer wins, a code releases payment, if an OMM wins then Price Demand apply
The item's payment value is collected during the bidding and held in escrow to complete the purchase, free of all fees
Outsourced Selling
                      1.  Upload images of the items with a description and full Selling Prices

                      2.  Outsourced Selling escrows the Selling Prices and process details

                      3.  If an OMM wins the bidding then the Deal is released to local Buyers  -  details of the Buyer are updated

                      4.  At the collection of the item, a Code provided by the Buyer releases the full Selling Prices

                      5.  Sellers have the option to use the funds to spend with other Users or liquidate using Pay It Forward, Now!

Every Seller using Outsourced Selling has a better than Competitive Advantage in their local trading zone.

-  it can be applied with anything locally produced, manufactured or retailed along the Supply Chain.

-  it can give Sellers unlimited predictable and guaranteed sales, all for free.

Outsourced Selling is pro-active, it pushes commerce to achieve sales.

Cloudfunding can gain economies of scale across all countries and commerce in the Digital Era

  The change of how markets will work comes with the change to how influence and value can cross borders

stimulating local economies by the actions of local Sellers applying free Direct Foreign Decentralized Capital.
Outsourced Selling
Scale and velocity of trade and commerce is a key attribute of Outsourced Selling  -  great for local economies

SMEs, even industries like Solar Energy, can use Outsourced Selling to leapfrog the competition  -  for free

Pressure by predatory trade in the Supply Chains placing the likes of food suppliers in jeopardy, is countered.

Outsourced Selling turns Globalization around so as local Sellers have better control  -  this is Localization


Economy 2 Economy

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Growth in the 21st Century needs economies of scale without multiplying debt, as the case in the 20th Century

Multiplication of growth can now be scaled by tapping into the Global Crowd's thirst for a better lifestyle

The Global Crowd are independent market makers with equal opportunity to earn profit like any business

Their combined activity can be compared to a product assembly line that uniquely produces productivity

Outsourced Selling finds equilibrium in Supply and Demand, giving Buyers and Sellers the winning formula

Free Advertising and Outsourced Selling solves the last hurdle in marketing, it gets sales with the one action

With no cost at either end of the commerce process, it achieves sales without targeting or discounting a product

Once the bidding has completed the Sellers have 2 options to Sell to their local Buyers

Smart Contract Deals begin at full Selling Prices, then cascades down to the OMM's winning bid, a maximum 20% price

Why?  -  Because Commerce needs to operate at the highest digital level in the New Digital Economy,

.  .  .  if it's to achieve major economic results, at the least possible cost.

The Platform has a fully autonomous SaaS architecture that's structured to form the ComTechX industry  

-  it adds the incentives for the Global Crowd to be involved in expanding the decentralized structure.

It expands Main Street's online strategy, giving Sellers the way to sell products at impossible to ignore low prices

It gives Sellers 'the time' to provide greater customer service, without fear of surviving on discounted margins

Outsourced Selling changes the landscape in commerce, until now Sellers have been obliged to sacrifice profits

Sellers now sell at full profit, giving buyers benefit of discounts  -  how long could a Seller's competitors survive?

When Sellers list products the required Sales Taxes are included in the full list price, recorded ready to download

Discounting only solves short term Demand, at an economy's expense  -  Outsourced Selling isn't discounting

Outsourced Selling helps solve an unsustainable global debt  -  it opens up the New Digital Economy

QwickPic Ready
Check out a Deal Registration and Cloudfund Strategy!

See a 'Snap-Shot' view of a 'Cloudfund strategy and winning the bidding' of a Deal!

Cloudfunding generates Crowd 'Price Demand' - digitizes 'cash' so it flows ubiquitously around the world!

What's 'The Monetizing Moment'?

Cloud Commerce operates by 'outsourcing the selling' to the Crowd by Cloudfunding!

How does a Seller start to 'outsource their selling' to the Crowd?

QwickP2P   'Pay it Forward, Now!' completes the sales activity for sellers!

As UDC is validated and exchanged in the Digital Economy it permeates out into local economies!

see the connection of players that help achieve 'Productivity' :   Global Cloud Productivity

Wherever your Location is - you are not alone!

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