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The Dome

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the 'D.O.M.E.'  -  the cluster of multiple local Free Open Market Economic Zones

FOMEZ takes what a Free Economic Zone is designed to do, multiplies those benefits, then adds more technically advanced economic dynamics to strengthen domestic markets  -  it sits on the Digital Free Trade and Commerce Platform.

the D.O.M.E. creates an economic zone around domestic businesses with a commercial advantage with lower production costs, both good for domestic and export markets, whereas Special Economic Zones focus on lower taxing to draw in Foreign Capital Investment.

-  businesses are pushed along by lower priced supply and operating costs, structured to 'sell high and buy low', indefinitely.

There will be new business trade established that will be part of the New Digital Trade Routes of global trade  -  Localization.

Incentives for local businesses to operate in a FOMEZ  -  they don't need to rely on local or upper government hand-outs or low taxing, it bypasses all that by generating its own Supply and Demand using Cloudfunding.

In the background Cloudfunding separates the supply side from the demand side in two separate open markets where incentives can be implemented to stimulate activity in the trading of products and services from seller to buyers.

Local manufacturing costs have always been controlled by domestic pricing tied to global prices, restricting size of markets,

-  what FOMEZ does is address those issues with Cloud Commerce, it can reduce the production costs like power, fuel and all different types of supplies in the Supply Chain, costs that make or break industries, all played out in Free Markets.

RingLink technology  -  each FOMEZ is formed like a Ring that wraps laterally around the world, which as they are Linked to other Rings it forms a DOME of thousands, each connected to real time commercial activity.

FOMEZ isn't restricted to global commodity pricing, it establishes its own global and domestic pricing index ( GPI ) set by Supply and Demand through genuine real time Productivity, it's an unencumbered local economy that can be tracked with its own form of GDP and transparently displayed in the Global Chamber of Economies.

-  it draws in Foreign Capital Investment via micro-economics in greater volume than typical long winded commercial Capital Investment deals.

-  it provides a simple approach to Foreign Direct Investment ( FDI ) with free Direct Foreign Decentralized Capital ( DFDC ).

Automated Direct Market

Every User can get involved in the productivity side that can influence trade by being an OMM - Open Market Maker, OMM's are market makers that passively participate in driving trade for the Sellers through to the eventual Buyers

-  as an OMM you're a business entity that doesn't handle any stock or deal with any customers, it's the simple process of using Cloudfunds that are earned for free, then using them to set strategies, and add a bid or be eliminated when it's needed, winning deals earn a profit margin that most businesses could never achieve.

  the 'D.O.M.E.'


  FOMEZ - Localization

  Productivity First

  RingLink Tech


  Cloud Productivity

  UDC - Neutral Currency

  Local - Capital Flows

  Balance of Payments

  Pay It Forward, Now!

  Digitizing Cash

  Booms and Busts

  Open Market Revenue

  Automation - AI

  Fractional Economics

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  Affordable Living

  Job Creation

The Dome

The New Economy is the digitization and democratization of the commercial flow of value through Global Trade and Commerce using digital technology to track a neutral international units of account, which in some way is the digitizing of what the IMF have tried with SDR  -  SDR is a restricted Special Drawing Rights value  -  a foreign-reserve currency also termed as XDR, which is created like quantitative easing but without printing money or have any true backing  -  its objective has been to replace gold and US Dollars  -  its role is for IMF member countries to draw down the SDR at various costs so it can be exchanged between trading countries to balance trade surpluses and deficits.

What the New Digital Economy does with Cloudfunding, and in particular with DFDC - Direct Foreign Decentralized Capital, is validate the Free Economic Value against genuine global productivity, allowing it to be globally used ( compared to the limited use of SDR ) to fully democratize trade  -  removing the incumbents to open up global economies to free open markets with an interconnecting ubiquitous flow with a neutral international trading unit of account value  -  making it freely available for the people of the world, and countries, to control and operate with in real time, within the real economies

There's a natural home advantage protection for products manufactured within a FOMEZ against imported products,

-  it's where the higher domestic selling prices can strengthen industries,

-  it neutralizes any volatility with foreign currencies by using UDC as the neutral commerce trading currency,

-  fiat cash is always held by local buyers and sellers, only Ownership of the digital equivalent is tracked in a scalable Digital Economy

-  and the lower domestic buying prices can generate an unparalleled demand from local and global buyers.

-  selling high and buying low all adds up to sustainable growth for any seller, from the SME to the Fortune 500 business.

Sellers rarely get the opportunity to control their side of the Supply, what Cloudfunding changes is the scale at which businesses can set the pace that their inventory is sold  -  Sellers have a new department to operate from, the Seller's Digital Sales Division.

    Digital Sales Division    

Inside a FOMEZ the velocity of money can be much higher than a neighboring city or community not operating under the 'D.O.M.E'. economy, this higher speed in commerce with products and services changing hands between buyers and sellers can have a profound outcome in the standard of living with all those who participate.

By introducing a more digitally Peer to Peer focused economic model that takes pre digital world thinking and applies modern economies of scale to the dynamics of commerce where there's only ever been a one by one approach to selling,

-  where it needed a seller to entice the buyer to part with their money for the item, the tools to achieve that has always been to offer the price that the buyer is willing to accept,

-  where it's become a custom to rely on costly marketing to find sales, paying for advertising that needs greater exposure to markets that are becoming more immune by the day.

-  what the dynamics of the Platform does is multiply the probability of sales using the economies of scale to sell the items on mass, even before it's offered to the final buyer, free of any advertising costs for the seller.

-  meaning the final buyer is presented with a price that is too good to ignore, without interfering with the flow of an economy, other than to have a better outcome.

-  it provides a greater buying power that reduces the buyer's private debt ratio to their income, while increasing revenues to sellers and taxes to local and main government treasuries.

-  it provides more than a Competitive Advantage in selling to the local market that greatly protects against imports, and an advantage to expand into export markets or use traditional pricing to sell globally.


This protective barrier allows manufacturing to be encouraged to start producing items at a greater scale knowing that the lower buying prices will secure the domestic market over imports.

As local markets meet demand it allows manufacturing to look at export markets knowing that the lower buying prices during manufacturing can be offered to foreign markets that have probably been supplied by other foreign players.

FOMEZ uses a modern technical advantage to generate fairer pricing along the Supply Chain, without forwarding debt to another time in the future, or giving away the wealth of future generations.

FOMEZ reverses the impact global commodity prices have on domestic markets by establishing an equitable pricing index that promotes unhindered domestic growth along the Supply Chain via the supply and demand  -  sustaining it indefinitely!

FOMEZ is able to operate along side other economic methods within the same community  -  it can give a genuine view of the affordability and cost of living between families buying Cloud Commerce products and services and those that don't.

Economies are unique in that they are intangible and move slowly to get a result, very inline with the anecdote of the Frog Story where if a frog is placed in boiling water, it will jump out, but if it is placed in cold water that is slowly heated, it will not perceive the danger and can be cooked to death  -  there are parallels to how people will accept things around them as they are, until it's too late.

-  this is the RunWay we're now on, with the New P2P Economy!

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