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  Trekkers  -  Backpackers  -  Hostels  -  Operators
Whatever traveling you need to do QwickStay is able to offer the best prices.

Travel is just part of life and for some people there can be constant travel for business,

QwickStay can ease the cost with Deals as low as 20% of the normal full Selling Prices for holidays and businesses.

Hotels, Apartments, Motels and Hostels are part of every cities landscape that help accommodate visitors.

QwickTrek looks after Backpackers with Hostels offering low cost lodgings and places to meet other travelers from around the world.

Backpackers from around the world can connect with Hostels in places they want to visit  -  Hostels can then send them QwickTrek offers

Hostel operators can list any of their rooms and bed vacancies on QwickPic and even purchase bulk Deals to match their inventory.

Operators Outsource the Selling of their Deals to the Global Crowd and this process is what pays the Operators the full Selling Prices.

Hostel Operators offer QwickTrek Deals at the full prices and let the Backpacker Activate the Deal  -  buying at the price they want to pay.

Each Deal's Buying Price begins to cascade down to a minimum 20% price  -  but beware that other buyers are alerted and will compete.

Holiday travelers don't miss out, they too can get Deals for travel and accommodation packages by checking QwickTrip and QwickStay.

The idea of sharing a room or having a full house is now available to the world travelers with QwickShare

Many Backpackers travel to see and experience culture and life around where they visit and that can include casual and short term jobs.

An ideal income while traveling is to operate as a Virtual Wholesaler and be an OMM  -  Open Market Maker.

Short Term Jobs

These jobs are sometimes used as a way to take advantage of travelers looking for a bit more traveling money or to extend their Visas

-  so to ease the risks associate with these jobs there's Short Term Jobs to add an extra level of security.

Cloudfunding Accommodation provides benefits for both Supply and Demand of rooms and beds

-  this opens up for Co-Operatives to be be formed at the local level between friends looking for better prices or larger groups to work with

-  for Sellers it makes sense to co-operate with similar businesses or with a range of Suppliers looking to get sales.

Global Co-Operatives  -  Seller Co-Operatives and Buyer Co-Operatives



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