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Distribution of Price Demand payments validate FEV into UDC

Outsourced Sporing Distribution
    Users can set targets  

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Each time a product or service is purchased with Price Demand, the amount paid is shared evenly with those Users who competed in the Outsourced Selling bidding process  -  the more deals Users compete in, the more FEV is validated into Universally Decentralized Capital to spend towards costs like Power Bills, Food, Clothing etc  .  .  those spends can also be on Deals listed to Outsourced Selling, and so continues the democratic and perpetual flow of  -  Productivity  >  Distribution  >  Free Capital

As each Price Demand purchase is made, the validation increases the amount of funds that gets converted to UDC in the participating User's Cloudfunds account  -  this can then be transferred to a User's QwickP2P account to spend just like other Universally Decentralized Capital, which can be added to an account using Pay It Forward, Now!.

Each User is able to set specific targets that they want to have paid when it's due  -  it can be reoccurring Bills or annual targets like Holidays, Car Registration, Insurances or School Fees, everyone has their own needs.

With many of the targets listed by Sellers it gives Users the opportunity to use the Free Economic Value to bid for the items early during the Outsourced Selling stage but Users can also set aside the validated UDC funds from the Price Demand distribution, and be ready for when those products or services they are targeting are released by Sellers.

Local Cash has a 2 tier validation into UDC

When a Seller exchanges their products or services for UDC it initially validates the trust between the Buyer and Seller but then when the Seller liquidates their UDC into their local Cash ( fiat currency ), this instigates a 2 tier validation  -  with the exchange of Cash with UDC, it means that there's trust between the Buyer and Seller in using their local Cash, which's backed by their sovereign state  -  this is a further extension in the validation into exchanging into Universally Decentralized Capital that allows it to be exchanged freely with other global currencies as a neutral international trading unit of account.

Earn Cloudfunds and set your strategies

Earning Cloudfunds and using it as free working capital to bid for products and services can take on all sorts of strategies  -  some Users may want to specifically target what they want to have for their own use, while others may want to build businesses and still target products and services that they want.

The amount of Cloudfunds that can be earned comes down to the number of connection and the amount of products and services that get listed by Sellers  -  the Subliminal Organically Decentralized Advertising, where display ads can roll through the connection without being seen, can build up quite quickly.

Setting strategies can be left up to the Auto Bidding where random quantities are able to be allocated automatically ( within User settings ) and adjusted to be more refined  -  any amount of deals can be bid for at any one time, if there's sufficient working capital and funds for the bids to keep from being eliminated, it all raises the success rate for Users.


The New Economy changes the game with Free Economic Value    .  .  it's fully accountable and ubiquitous capital,

                   .  .  it's free working capital, it's free to earn and collect, there's no interest or fees, and never needs to be paid back, ever!

The incentives  -  Outsourced Selling gives Sellers their full Selling Prices that now meets at a equilibrium point where Buyers have the incentive to pay the price they want to pay with Price Demand.

Cloudfunding Flow

Cloudfunding Layout

Check out a Deal Registration and Cloudfund Strategy

See a Snap-Shot view of a Cloudfund strategy and bidding for Deals

Cloudfunding generates Price Demand  -  digitizes 'cash' to flow ubiquitously around the world

What's The Monetizing Moment?

Cloud Commerce operates by Outsourcing the Selling to the Crowd by Cloudfunding

How Sellers Outsource their Selling to the Crowd?


QwickP2P   'Pay it Forward, Now!' completes the sales activity for sellers!

As UDC is validated and exchanged in the Digital Economy it permeates out into local economies!

see the connection of players that help achieve 'Productivity' :   Global Cloud Productivity

Wherever your Location is - you are not alone!

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